Wedge Wire Products by Condamine Wellscreens

Water Well (Bore) Screens

  • Wedge wire screens for water well (bore) applications.
  • Designed to maximise flow and strength.

Cylindrical Wedge Wire Screens

  • Intake screens.
  • Suction strainers.
  • Trommel screens.
  • Sand spears. 

Flat & Curved Wedge Wire Screens

  • Static & vibratory deck panels.
  • Sieve bend (DSM) screens.
  • Dewatering screens.
  • Mineral recovery screens.
  • Wedge wire panels cut to specification. 

Architectural Wedge Wire Screens

  • Bathroom grates.
  • Pool and spa grates.
  • Landscape drainage grates.
  • Hospitality drainage grates.
  • Threshold grates.
  • Smooth or slip-resistant grates.