Architectural Wedge Wire Screens

CWS produces high quality wedge wire screens (grates) for a wide range of architectural, plumbing and construction applications. We provide some of Australia’s leading stainless grate wholesalers with wedge wire panels that are manufactured to precise aperture and open area specifications.

Our architectural screens feature in a wide range of interior and landscape drainage applications throughout homes, apartment complexes, public spaces, government buildings, hospitality settings and commercial office complexes across Australia.

Common applications for wedge wire throughout these settings include bathroom and interior wash down drainage, pool and spa grating, landscape drainage including driveways and footpath drainage channels, and threshold (entryway) drainage solutions.

Wedge wire is ideal for domestic and commercial drainage applications due to its superior transmission capacity and self-cleaning characteristics. High open area and flow characteristics combine with a clean finish to make stainless steel wedge wire a practical and visually appealing solution for architectural applications.

Available in 304 or 316 grade stainless steel, our wedge wire panels are also hygienic and long-lasting. Our wire is available in a range of profiles and panels may be custom configured to customer requirements. We offer plain, smooth finish wedge wire profiles for applications where visual appeal is a top priority, as well as certified slip resistant wire profiles* for high-traffic applications where safety is of primary importance.

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